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21st November 2022 Trivia All Correct Answers


Today 21st November 2022 and New Trivia Quiz Question Publish,  If You Play this This quiz and Find Correct Answer then here is 10 Question Correct answers Check out.

Q1). Where is this brilliant red limestone gorge?

Answer  - Morocco

Q2). Which range is home to Denali, North America's tallest mountain?

Answer  - Alaska Range

Q3). Where are these unique white cliffs?

Answer - Denmark

Q4). After Niagara, which falls is the largest by volume in the U.S.?

Answer  - Willamette Falls

Q5). Where can you find this Renaissance-era castle?

Answer  - Denmark

Q6). The stotinka is a unit of currency in which country?

Answer  - Bulgaria

Q7). In which European country can you find this scenic bridge?

Answer  - Germany

Q8). In which U.S. city can you find this unique water garden?

Answer  - Fort Worth, Texas

Q9). Which country hosts an annual festival of snake charmers?

Answer  - Italy

Q10). In which city can you find this fountain celebrating the country's pearling industry?

Answer  - Doha, Qatar

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