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What does acropolis mean in Greek? Answer

Here is the answers of What does “acropolis” mean in Greek to help you solve the Trivia Quiz. You Can Check What does “acropolis” mean in Greek Question Correct Answer.

Trivia Quiz can be a great way to impassion your brain, idle away the hours, and Dare yourself all at once.  Of course, sometimes Trivia Question completely stump us, because we're completely unknown with the topic or we're just drawing a blank.  We have all the answers available for the What does “acropolis” mean in Greek if you need some help!

If you struggle with Trivia Question, there's nothing to be ashamed of!  These Question cover a variety of topics and it is difficult to be an expert in everything.  You'll find that as you play more of these Quiz, you'll become familiar with many of the things that come with it!

A Quiz can have different answers and we have provided Correct the answers we are Knowledgeable of for What does “acropolis” mean in Greek. The solution to the What does “acropolis” mean in Greek Answer should be: City at the top. The "acropolis" mean in Greek are City at the top.

What does "acropolis" mean in Greek?

Q#). What does "acropolis" mean in Greek?

City of rocks

City of the gods

City at the top

Paradise city

Answer  - City at the top

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