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19th November 2022 Trivia Quiz Answers


Today 19th November 2022 and New Trivia Quiz are Released,  if you playing this Trivia Quiz and find All Correct Answer then you came to Right place.  We Also Played this Trivia Quiz and got Correct Answer.  So here it is ....

19th November Trivia Quiz Answers 

Q1). In which country can you find this island temple?

Answer  - Thailand

Q2). Where is the goat-racing capital of the world?

Answer - Tobago

Q3). Where is this museum built in a municipal pool?

Answer  - France

Q4). Which U.S. state's name came from the Sioux word for "south wind"?

Answer  - Kansas

Q5). The brown pelican is the official bird of which U.S. state?

Answer  - Louisiana

Q6). Where can you find this pair of Art Deco statues?

Answer  - Cleveland, Ohio

Q7). Which city's former gates are marked by this griffin?

Answer  - London

Q8). Which U.S. state is home to Lucy, the world’s largest elephant statue?

Answer  - New Jersey

Q9). Where is this royal pavilion?

Answer  - Brighton, United Kingdom

Q10). Why is Philadelphia known as the "City of Brotherly Love"?

Answer  - That's what the name means in Greek

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