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How to Create Poll in Whatsapp (Step By Step Guide) ?


How to Create Poll in Whatsapp (Step By Step Guide) ?

A new feature has been launched on WhatsApp for Android and iOS users.  Now a user can create poll on WhatsApp (Whatsapp Chat Poll).  This poll option is not yet available for WhatsApp Web.  But it is speculated that very soon the create poll option will be launched on WhatsApp web as well.  It is known that this poll option will be available in WhatsApp private chat as well as group chat.  Users can add up to 12 options while creating a poll.  If you have typed the same option twice then you will get a warning from WhatsApp.

First of all, make sure that your iPhone or Android phone has the latest updated version of WhatsApp.  First, open the WhatsApp app on your phone.  Polls can be created in either private chat or group chat option.  For the iOS version, click on the 'plus' sign next to the chatbox where you message.  In the Android version, the chatbox has a 'paper clip'-like icon, which needs to be clicked.

Users will get a menu option in both iOS and Android versions.  At the very end of this menu option is the poll option.  Tapping on this option will open a new menu in front of users.  This new menu will come in both versions, iOS and Android.  WhatsApp will ask the user to type a question for the poll and give options based on that.  You can give 12 options for a question.

Once the poll is created in the WhatsApp chat, click on the send button.  Then the members in that group or chat can choose the option they like by clicking on the poll option.  In the case of WhatsApp polls, there will be an option called Viewing votes at the top.  Here you can see the number of votes for different options.

How to Create Poll in WhatsApp :

1. Update WhatsApp latest version from your Android or iPhone.

2. Then open any private or group chat.

3. iPhone users tap the '+' icon next to the chat box and Android users select the paperclip icon next to the chat box.

4. Now you will see a menu on the phone.  At the end of all there will be polls option.

5. After selecting it, a new menu will open on the screen.  There, type the question you want to vote on and enter the options.  A maximum of 12 options can be given.  WhatsApp will not allow you to type the same option in multiple places.

6. Once all the options are typed, select the send option.  Now your vote will be posted in the chat with all the options.

7. Below the WhatsApp Poll is the View Votes option.  Select this option to know who has voted for which option.

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