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How to Create Another Account in Instagram ?


How to Create Another Account in Instagram ?

How to Create Another Account in Instagram: Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world today.  In late 2018, Instagram rose to the top of popularity after joining the popular social media platform Facebook.  Although we have a rough idea about Facebook and other social media, many people do not know about its features and usage rules due to the fact that Instagram was launched quite a while ago.

In order to inform you, in this part of today's discussion we have presented detailed information on how to open an Instagram account and use it.  We hope that by reading this article you will know more about the various features of Instagram account.

What is Instagram ?

Many of you want to know about Instagram, I want to tell them that Instagram is a social media. However, you can only share photos and videos and text messaging through this social media.

Instagram was started in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram in 2012.  Instagram has become a virtual social media platform with the number of active users as a social media platform.  The platform is designed for sharing images and videos rather than words.

Instagram Features ?

We told you at the beginning of the discussion that there is no video audio calling feature in Instagram Massaging.  That's why many users have expressed interest to know about the features of Instagram.  For them below we have discussed all the popular features of Instagram.

▪ An Instagram user can share any type of photos and videos on his profile and these shared posts will appear in Instagram's newsfeed.

▪ Videos of 60 seconds duration can be posted as posts.  If the video is longer than 60 seconds, it goes to the IGTV section.

▪ Videos longer than 60 seconds usually go into the IGTV category.  Due to which Instagram is called a video sharing platform.

▪ This reel is a separate section of short videos on Instagram.  This Reels feature is very much Instagram's attempt to become TikTok.

▪ An Instagram user can go live and present his speech at any time from his profile.

▪ If you publish photos taken on your phone to the Instagram app or website, you can use a variety of filters to enhance the beauty of your photos.

▪ Like Facebook you can publish your daily story on Instagram which usually lasts for 24 hours.

▪ You can message your Instagram friends and it will be saved in your inbox.

How to Create Another Account in Instagram ?

We previously told you that Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012.  So if you want you can open Instagram account using your Facebook ID.  On the other hand, there is a good option to open an Instagram account separately using your own email or phone number.  In this part of the discussion we will show you how to open an Instagram account.

First let me tell you that you must install the Instagram mobile application from the Google Play Store.  Opening an Instagram account will be easy for you if you have your personal Facebook profile login on your mobile.

▪ First, launch your Instagram mobile app.

▪ Log in page will appear in front of you but you must click on Log in with Facebook option.

▪ Your Instagram account is now open You can access your Instagram profile.

Apart from using Facebook account, you can open Instagram account in another way.

▪ First, you must visit the website or install Instagram's official mobile application.

▪ Click on Sign Up option.

▪ Sign Up Form will appear in front of you.

▪ Enter your active mobile number or email id username your full name and a password in the space provided.

▪ Click on Signup option.

▪ As you provide mobile number or email id, active verification code will be sent to your mobile or email. The verification code will be provided in the next step.

▪ Your Instagram account has been successfully opened by entering the verification code and you can now use it.

How to Use Instagram ?

We hope you have successfully created Instagram account by following our instructions, now we will show you how to use it.

By looking at the image above you might understand how to use Instagram.  All the features provided here are generally made by the Instagram mobile application.  In the first screenshot, on the far left of your hand is a post, below which there are buttons to like, comment and share to story or message.  Also the post can be saved by the latest button at the bottom right of the post.

Next to the Explore tab is an icon that looks like a plus (+).  If a user clicks on this icon, he can post from his profile. From here, he will get the opportunity to post photos or videos on Instagram. Besides, you can enhance the beauty of photos and videos by applying light filters before posting.  There are also options to tag other users and select the location of the content.

How to Earn Money From Instagram ?

You will be surprised to hear that you can earn money using the popular social media platform Instagram.  Nowadays, social media is not only used for photo and video sharing, but different companies are using social media to promote their products. In this case, you can earn money by selling their products using your Instagram account.  Besides, if you are a celebrity, you can earn money by promoting.  You can promote several products by modeling.

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