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How to Create a Page on Facebook ?


How to Create a Page on Facebook

There are many people who want to do business through Facebook.  But they don't know how to start first or How to Create a Page on Facebook, They might think that creating a business page seems too difficult.  Not really, the rules for making it are very simple.  So through this article today I will tell you the rules to open Facebook page.

How to Create a Facebook Page: 

If you are thinking of opening a facebook page, you must first have your own facebook account.  And if you don't have an account, you must create one.

You can open Facebook business page through facebook app on mobile by following the below steps:

Step 1: Tap on the top right of Facebook.

Step 2: Select Pages, then Press Create Button. 

Step 3: Enter a page name, then choose next.

Step 4: Enter and select up to 3 page categories, then click on Create Button. 

After, You can tap Next to customize your page by adding a profile picture, cover photo, action buttons, bio and basic page information.  You can also invite friends to connect to your page.

How to Change Page Name on Facebook ?

If you want to change your Facebook name, then follow the steps below :- 

Step 1: Frist go to Menu Bar in the top right of Facebook. 

Step 2: Then Select your Page.

Step 3: Then click on 3 dot (more). 

Step 4: Then Click on Edit Page .

Step 5: Then Select Page info. 

Step 6: Then Click the name box. 

Step 7: Update your page name and Click on Continue. 

Step 8. then Click on Request change options. 

How to Monetize Facebook Page ?

There are several ways to earn money from Facebook.  If you create different content and upload it, Facebook gives you money based on the views.  But for that Facebook page must be monetized.

Monetization basically means that your page will be regularly maintained by Facebook.  Also, you have to run the page according to Facebook's terms.  From page posts to content uploads, everything must follow community standards.  It seems like a lot of trouble but the income on monetize page will be very high.

Conditions to be fulfilled to monetize the page: 

1. According to the conditions of the page that you will apply for monetization, first you have to collect 10 thousand followers on that page.  You can apply for Facebook page monetization only after reaching 10 thousand followers.

2. Upload video content regularly.  If you really want to monetize Facebook page, you need to upload videos of three minutes or longer than three minutes.  Videos shorter than three minutes do not count views.  So each video should be at least three minutes long to increase video views and show ads.

3. You have to watch 30 thousand minutes of video within 3 months.  Videos watched for less than one minute are not counted in watch time.  Only the watch time of a viewer who watches a video for more than one minute is counted.  In this way you have to collect 30 thousand minutes of watch time with in 3 months.

4. The content you are uploading must be in accordance with Facebook's standards.

How to apply for page monetization :- 

1. First, go to the home page of the Facebook page and you will see the monetization option there.  Click on monetize to see if the page is eligible for monetization.

2. If the page is monetizable, the green circle next to it will be enlarged and read Congratulations!  Your Page is read to earn money.

3. If your page has minor issues, the yellow circle next to it will magnify.  Also, if your page is not ready to monetize in any way, the red icon next to it will show up big.

4. Then you have to go through some more steps.  There you have to provide various personal information.  Name, address, e-mail address and other information.  Once the whole process is over, your page will be monetized by Facebook.

How to Delete a Page on Facebook ?

To delete your Facebook page, follow the steps below:- 

1. Frist click on Menu Bar that have top of right in Facebook. 

2. Go to Pages and Select your page that want to delete.

3. Click on 3 dot or more options. 

4. Go to Edit Settings and then select General options. 

5. After Click on Remove page Options and tap on Delete button. 

6. Then Click on Delete Button. 

How to Cancel Your Page Deletion : 

1. Go and Select your page.

2. Click on 3 dot Options.

3. Go to Edit Settings and then go General. 

4. Click on Cancel Deletion. 

5. Click on Confrim button. 

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