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How Do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number ?


How Do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number

How Do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number: We all know that nowadays all smart phones have number blocking option. This smartphone feature was created to avoid annoying calls or messages, but we now use it for small things as well.

You have dialed a number but you are not getting through.  This can make you feel frustrated and a little anxious.  what's going on

Has the person you are trying to contact lost their phone or the battery has died or turned it off for some reason.

Or maybe the person you're trying to communicate with is upset with you.  That's why he doesn't want any more calls, messages from your number so he has blocked it.  Because of this, you can no longer call or message him.

You won't get any kind of official notice if someone intercepts your calls.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked Your Number ?

Although there are many new features of smartphones, there is no such feature that allows you to easily know whether your number is blocked or not.

But there are some ways that you can use to know if your friend has blocked your phone number or not.  Today I will debate that with you. 

Method 1: Call the number

Finding out if you've been blocked by a friend or acquaintance is inconvenient.  If you think you have been blocked and you want to verify it, call that number.

If he picks up your call, then he is sure that you are not blocked.  If your calls are not being received, or you notice any other unusual activity, check the following:

▪ If you call the suspect, if it rings normally, but the call is not received, you know your number is not blocked.

▪ If the call ends after one or two rings (or in some cases, half of a ring), i.e. the ring ends before the end of the normal ringing time, then you will know that you have been blocked.

▪ If your ring automatically diverts to voicemail, you can assume that your number is blocked or your connection is lost.

▪ Call the person you know again to be sure.  If your call still ends after one ring or less and diverts to voicemail, your contact's phone must be broken or lost or blocking you.

▪ If you see that the number is busy every time it rings, then you can be sure that your number is blocked.  You can call that number with any other number to be absolutely sure.  If it rings naturally, then there will be no clue that your number has been blocked.

Method 2: Check Suggested Contacts

▪ Open your phone's contact list.

▪ Tap on the name or number of the person you suspect i.e. the person who blocked you.

▪ Click on the 3 dots (…) icon at the top right corner of your screen.

▪ From the drop-down menu that opens, tap on “Delete” to delete their contact.

▪ Open your contacts app again.

▪ Tap the search bar at the top of the screen and type in the name of your suspicious friend.

▪ If your friend's name (i.e. whose number you deleted) shows up as a suggested contact, it's very likely that he hasn't blocked you.  And if you don't see his name appearing in the suggestions, you can be almost certain that your friend has blocked you.

Method 3: Send messages on WhatsApp

▪ Open WhatsApp and go to chat option and tap on that number.

Send a message to the number you suspect.  When a message is sent to a number on WhatsApp, the status is shown with different colored tick marks after the message.  For example, if you see a gray tick mark, then you will know that the message has been sent from your device.

If you see two gray tick marks, then you will know that the person who sent the message has received your message.

▪ If you see two blue tick marks, the person you sent the message to has read the message and you have not been blocked.

▪ If you are blocked then you won't be able to see the suspect's profile photo on WhatsApp.

▪ If you are blocked, you will not be able to call him on WhatsApp.

Hopefully, using the above methods, you can easily understand if someone has blocked your number.  If you yourself want to get rid of someone's unwanted calls, messages, then you can use Block Contact Option.

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