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Why Are Keywords Important for SEO ?


Why Are Keywords Important for SEO ?

When you create a new website, Organic traffic comes to your website through Seo & Keywords.  So SEO is very necessary for your website Google Ranking.  Seo Means Search Engine Optimization.

    What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

    Through Search Engine Optimization, you can know how your website is performing.  Performance means traffic growth, page speed, and people coming to your website through any keyword.

    What is Keyword ? 

    There are two types of keywords.  Short Keyword & Long Keyword.  Shrot Keyword ex - "blog", "seo".  Long Keyword- "Why Are Keywords Important for SEO ?".

    Importance of Keywords ? 

    The role of keywords in a website blog post is many.  This keyword is what helps your website grow.  People visit the website through keywords.

    How to Keyword Works ? 

    When people want to know about something, then people search Google about that keyword.  And if a website provides information about that keyword.  Then people visit that website.

    Where to Search Keywords ? 

    You can use Google Keyword Planner & Google Trends for keyword search.  These two tools are completely free.  Besides, Premium Keyword Planner is available, if you want, you can use them.

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