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How to Clear My Cache in Chrome 2022 ?

How to Clear My Cache in Chrome

Webpage is not opening or loading.  So want to Clear Cache in Google Chrome.  But don't know how to Clear Cache.  Today we will know "How to clear my cache in chrome".

    What Happens After Doing Clear Cache?

    When you visit a website, that website saves your Chrome Browser Cookies to itself.  What happens as a result, when you search for a Cat Video or Cat Image or Cat Related Article on Google, and if that website has written or posted on all these topics, Google's Search List will show you.  And it also helps to increase the loading speed required to visit the website.

    When you do Google Chrome Browser Clear Cache & Cookies, all information about your Google Chrome Website Visit will be deleted.  This means, if you have visited a website, and put a password on a website, all that information will be deleted.  You have to visit all those websites again.  And it will take time to load the content of those websites.

    How to Clear My Cache in Chrome ?

    Before starting, this information is for those who use Google Chrome on Android Phone.

    To Clear Cache & Cookies in Google Chrome, you first need to go to Browser Settings. There are two ways to clear Cache & Cookies.

    First Go to Settings and then Select Privacy and Security.

    How to Clear My Cache in Chrome

    Then Select Clear Browsing Data.

    How to Clear My Cache in Chrome

    After Open Clear Browsing Data You get Two Options Basic & Advanced.  If you want, you can select both of them one by one.

    After Select Time Range and Choose All Time. Then Click On Trick Box- Browsing History, Cookies and Site data, Cached Image and Files.

    How to Clear My Cache in Chrome

    Now below you will see Clear Data, click on that option.  (Its Done)

    Second Way,

    Go to History and then Select Clear Browsing data and then follow the above steps.

    How to Clear My Cache in Chrome

    Alternatively, you can enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar.

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