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Bike Insurance: How to Buy Bike Insurance Online, Know the Complete Process ?

Did you know that bike insurance is compulsory under the law in India if you have a bike or scooter and you do not take out its insurance policy or the policy taken on your bike expires and you are caught driving it, then legal action is taken against you  May be taken.

Which provides coverage against damage to the bike or bike rider due to any accident, theft or natural disaster.  It is a safety cover that protects bikes and bike riders from unforeseen liability that can occur due to an accident.  That's why you need to understand the importance of bike insurance.

bike insurance

Why Bike Insurance Is Important ?

When you take a bike or scooter on the road and there is an accident or mishap on the road that damages the bike rider or the bike, if you have insurance for your bike or scooter, all the cost.  The loss will be insured. The company will bear it and if your bike is not insured, you will have to bear the cost of the loss due to the accident or mishap.

A two-wheeler insurance plan helps fight costs if the motorcycle is damaged.  And if you want to drive legally on the roads of India, you have to take out insurance for your bike.  With bike / scooter insurance, you get protection against damage caused by the bike.

In addition to the necessary features, it is also important for financial security.  It provides the necessary financial assistance to protect against insured vehicle damage, third party property and physical injury to the occupant, pedestrian or rider.  Now let us know which losses are mainly covered.

Third Party Insurance

Which provides protection against legal issues that may result from injury, death or damage to any third party.  With a valid insurance plan, you will be financially protected from the cost of repairing accidental damage to your car.

With insurance companies, choosing an insurer and an insurance plan becomes really difficult.  Always choose a policy that suits you best.  To choose a policy according to your needs, you need to check the plans of all the top insurance companies, which can take you a long time.  But here at, you can examine and compare the plans of all these companies together.

Top Bike Insurance Companies in India

1. Bajaj Allianz Insurance

2. Bharti Axa Insurance 

3. HDFC Agro Insurance

4. Iffco Tokio Insurance

5. National Insurance

6. New India Insurance

7. Oriental Insurance

8. Reliance Insurance

9. Royal Sundaram Insurance

10. State Bank Of India Insurance

11. Tata Aig Insurance 

12. United India

13. Universal Insurance

How to Do Insurance for Bike Online ?

1. First you go to website.

2. Now a lot of insurance plans will come in front of you, in which you have to click on Two wheels insurance.

3. In the next step, you have to enter your bike number or you can proceed by selecting the option without bike number.

4. In this step, you will see 3 options about which policy you want to adopt - click on any one of these options.

5. Now you can see the insurance policies offered by all the companies.

6. Click on the company policy you want to take.

7. In this step, a form will open in front of you where you have to fill in complete information like address, mobile number, email id, pin code, nominee, bike number, engine number, chassis number and go to the next step.  Fill in properly.

8. Now you will get the payment option, after making the payment, the insurance policy of your bike will be sent to your email id.

9. This way, you can insure your bike from your mobile while sitting at home.

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