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How to Set Signature in Gmail ?



How to Set Signature in Gmail: Gmail, an Electronics Mailing Platform.  Gmail is now needed for many tasks.  Just like an office boss or a college professor needs Gmail, because Gmail is chosen to give them an important massage for their stuff.  Many people will see in Gmail incoming Massage has a kind of signature, which is the office boss or college professor.  If you want to set up that kind of signature in Gmail, then this article is for you today.  Because today I will tell you Step by step how to set the signature in Gmail.

How to Set Signature in Gmail ?

If you have a computer, you will not have any problem, but those who have a smartphone, they open Google Chrome and Desktop Mode.  Because this Signature Add Option can only be seen in Desktop Mode.

1. First, Open Your Google Chrome or Any Browser and Log in to Gmail.

2. After opening your gmail Homepage, you can see Settings Icon on Header Top Menu in Left side & Click On That Settings Options.

3. Now Click On See All Settings.

4. Now you see Many Options General, Labels, Inbox, Accounts and Import, Filters and Blocked Address ... Choose General Option.

5. Scroll Down and Find Signature options.

6. Now Create New Signature.

7. After You get Pop Window and type the name you want to Signature there and click on Create Option.

8. You will see a small box on the right side.  Where you have to type the name again, the name you want to Signature.  You can see several options or menus in that box.  You can create your Signature Format if you want.

What will be the signature font, set the signature on the right or left side, that option will be found in the Menu in the same box.

9. Signature Defaults Options: Choose your Signature in For New Emails Use / On Reply and Forward Use options.

Trick on Box: Insert signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "-" line that precedes it.

10. Now click on Save Changes Option below.

Your signature is set in Gmail.  Now when you send a new massage, your signature will show under the same massage box.

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