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How to Create a Link for a Document in 2022 (Easy Way to Create Link) ?


How to Create a Link for a Document: We create documents through Ms Word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint & PDf Creator.  We send those documents to someone else via email and copy them through Pen Drive.  But there is a situation when there is no Email or Pen Drive.  Then how to reach that document.  If so, you have stored the document in such a place, and by providing a link to that place, the rest of the document can be delivered very easily.  So today I will tell you some of the platforms through which you can create a link to your document.

How to Create a Link for a Document?

You can create your Document Link through the following Platform.

1. MediaFire

MediaFire is a platform where you can share File & Store.  Here you will get a link by uploading your document.  And you can show the document or download it with the link you want.

Follow the steps below

1. First you go to website.

2. You will see an option called Upload Files Now, click there.

3. After clicking you will get a Blank Page.  Just above you will get an Upload Sign, Click on that Option.

4. After clicking, another page will open, just below you will find the sign of File+ Click there to upload your document.

5. Once your document is uploaded, you will get an option called Share and Copy Link next to it, Copy the link.

2. DropBox

Like Dropbox and many Mediafire, here you can upload files, content and get a Document Link with it.

Follow the steps below

1. After visiting website, you need to create an account, do not worry, it is absolutely free.  You can use Gmail Account to create or sign up an account.

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2. After Sign Up Complete, you will get a page just like the picture below, just above there you will get an option called Upload, click there.

3. Clicking will ask you, Do you want to upload File or Folder?  You select File and Upload your Document.

4. As soon as the document upload is complete, you will get the option to say Share & Copy Link just below.  You can copy your Document Link.

(Note: Of course, after creating the account, verify it through Email, otherwise the link will not be copied.)

3. Google Drive

Everyone has heard of Google Drive.  Here you can store all your Photo, File, Movie, song and later you can also restore it.  But here you can do file sharing.

But of course your Gmail account is required.

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Follow the steps below

1. Go to Frist Google Drive and log in via Gmail.

2. After opening Google Drive, you will see a Pluse Icon at the bottom right, click on that Icon.

3. After clicking Upload Options Choose your Document.

4. Once the document is uploaded, click on 3 Dot.

5. Then click on Manage People and Links Option.

6. Then click Change Option and select Anyone with link.

7. After selecting, you will get the Link Sharing Icon above. Clicking on it, you will get the link of your document.

4. Microsoft Apps

Every smartphone has Microsoft Apps Install.  Which includes Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint.  How do you get your Document Link through Microsoft Apps?

Follow the steps below

1. Open Ms Word and view your document.

2. Now you will get a Share Option above, click there.

3. Below you will find the option as Share As Attachment, click on it and select Document or Pdf File and save it to Google Drive.  And you will get your Document Link from Google Drive.

Hopefully, through this article, I have been able to tell you how to create a Document Link.

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