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How to Create a Gmail Account in 2022 (Easy Steps) ?


How to Create a Gmail Account in 2022: Gmail Account is important for doing anything online and offline.  To do everything we have to create an account online.  A Gmail account is required to create that account.  Gmail account is also required for job application.  So it can be said that the current information technology Gmail account is an important issue.  Let's not know, how to create Gmail account and Google Account opening rules.

Create a New Gmail Account

Follow the following steps one by one :- 

1. First go to Google Sign Up page.

2. After that a page will open, where you will want Fast & Last Name, Username & Password.  Fill it up and click on Next Button.

3. After that another page will open, where you will want Mobile Number, Recover Email, Date of Birth & Gender.  You can also give Mobile Number and Recover Email if you want, but select Date of Birth & Gender and click on Next Button.

▪ However, it is necessary to give a mobile number.  Because if you suddenly forget your Gmail Password, you will need a Mobile Number to get your Gmail account back.

4. Another page will open where you will find some Google Terms & Conditions you can Read if you want, and click on the I Agree Button below.

By following these steps, you can easily open a Gmail account.  Many people want to know how to create a Google account.  Gmail Account which is a Google Account.  So no worries.

Hopefully, through this article, I have been able to tell you how to create a Gmail account.

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