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How to Create a Folder in Gmail for Specific Emails ?



How to Create a Folder in Gmail for Specific Emails: Every day new emails come to our Gmail.  This makes it very difficult to check many important emails.  Because when a new email arrives, the old emails start to go down, as a result of which it becomes difficult to find those important emails.  If Important Emails could be saved in a separate Folder, then maybe that Important Email can be checked easily.  Gmail gives us that much.  You can create a separate folder for each Emails and save the Emails in it.

How to Create a Folder in Gmail for Specific Emails?

You can turn on Desktop Mode on your Computer or Smartphone and then login to Gmail.  Then follow the steps below -

1. On the top right you will see the Settings Icon, click there.

2. Then click on See All Settings Options.

3. Then select the Labels Option.
Scroll down and click on Create New Label to get the option.

4. Then you click on Create Option with the name of your folder.

○ You can also click Create New Label options on the left by clicking More Option.

If you want to make a folder a sub-folder, then select the folder that you want to make a sub-folder by creating a folder.

How to Add Emails in Folder?

Select the messages that you want to add to the folder.

Click on the Icon of Label above and select the folder to which you want to add Email and click on Apply Button.

Click on the folder to check if the emails have been added to the folder.

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