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Google PY Give a Opportunity for to Earn Money From Home - How ?


Google Py

Google Py, acutely Its Google Pay. With the development of new technology, people's livelihood is changing.  Nowadays it is possible to earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home.  There are many ways to earn money online.  But do you know that thousands of rupees can be earned by recharging your mobile phone sitting at home.  Google Pay has brought a great opportunity to earn from home.  However, to earn by recharging you need to pay attention to some things.  Know what to do to earn by recharging?

To earn from Google Py (GooglePay), first of all you have to understand how to earn money from Google Pay Business.  The number of UPI transactions in India has increased manifold over the years.  Companies get some commission for each transaction.  That is why it is possible to offer you this service for free.

How to Earn by Recharge?

On recharging with Google Pay, the company gets a commission from the network company.  Suppose you have recharged Jio number with Google Pay.  In that case Google Pay receives a specific commission from Jio.  Taking advantage of this opportunity, Google Pay has started providing recharge facility to the shopkeepers.  If a shopkeeper recharges with Google Pay, then you will get some part of the commission.

Google Pay is one of the most popular names for UPI transactions in India.  The survey found that 40 percent of all UPI transactions come from Google Pay.  Google Pay actually works like a broker.  Just as a broker earns through commission, Google Pay also earns through commission.  You can also get some of this commission by installing the Google Pay Business app.

The completely free Google Pay Business app can be downloaded to any Android phone.  The app has got a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store.

However, apart from mobile recharge from Google Pay through UPI transaction, it is possible to make many types of payments including money transfer, bill payment in the account.  There is also an advantage of buying gold from this payment app.  You can easily buy digital gold with Google Pay.  The Google Pay website says that MMTC-PAMP will get 99.99 percent pure 24K gold when a person uses Google Pay to buy or sell gold.

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