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Whatsapp Is Working On Two Fantastic New Features for Groups: Read the Full Article


WhatsApp is reportedly testing two more features for groups to improve the user experience. The messaging platform recently gave group administrators a special ability to delete any message in their chat. WhatsApp is now working on something new that will allow users to quietly leave the group. Interestingly, it's also testing a way to let people in a group know who everyone has chatted with in the past.

A recent report from WaBetaInfo reveals that a new feature called "View previous participants" is being created. The feature, seen in one of the beta versions of the app, lets anyone in the group see who has been part of the group in the past. Currently, when a user leaves a group, the messaging app displays a message in the chat that indicates that the person has left the group.

WhatsApp is also reported to be working on a feature that allows people to leave a group silently and no notifications will be sent to anyone. Here, the Past Participants View feature can help anyone find out who left the chat in the past. However, it defeats the purpose of having a feature that enables silent groups to exit. It is important to note that administrators can still receive notifications, and this feature will only be enabled for other participants.

There is a possibility that WhatsApp only wants to give people some privacy, without completely removing the way to check if everyone has left the group. So, if anyone wants to know about older participants, they can do so by visiting the group's profile section. At the bottom, there is an option called View Past Participants.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So far, it's not clear when these features will appear in the permanent version of WhatsApp. The "Silent Group Exit" feature is seen in the desktop version, while previous participants have noticed their presence in the Android beta version. The quoted source said that the features are likely to be published in other versions of WhatsApp in the near future.

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