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Watch KGF Chapter 2 Movie on Amazon Prime without Subscription... Know How?


South Indian films have created panic at the box office in recent times. Among these Yash starrer 'KGF 2' (KGF 2) broke many records; This film is being rehearsed everywhere. Actually, the film watchers were waiting for 'KGF 2' for a long time and hence it got a tremendous response from the audience as soon as it was released. However, for those who haven't watched the film yet, this time around, there is an option to enjoy it at home. In such a situation, this facility is available courtesy of Amazon Prime Video. Let's learn more about it.

How to Watch 'KGF 2' on Amazon Prime Video?

Actually KGF2 is now available on Amazon Prime Video. As a result, interested people will be able to watch the movie on rent for some time. Simply put, KGF2 can be watched without subscription using the OTT platform movie rental service. However, you will have to spend Rs 199 as a one-time fee to watch the movie. Those who are willing to watch the film on rent will be given 30 days.

But keep in mind that if someone starts watching a movie under the rental service, then it has to be finished within 48 hours. In other words, the movie will be rented for a month, but if you start watching it, you have to watch the whole thing within the stipulated time. Otherwise you will have to pay double to watch the movie.

How to rent movie 'KGF 2'?

To watch 'KGF 2' on rent, first you have to open the app or website of Amazon Prime Video. Then you have to type the name of the movie in the search bar. Selecting a specific language from here will open a page. Here you will find an option named 'Rent Movie HD ₹ 199', where you can watch the movie by clicking on the payment.

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