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Sarkaru Vaari Paata Hindi Dubbed movie Download filmyzilla

Sarkaru Vaari Paata Hindi Dubbed movie Download filmyzilla: Sarkaru Vaari Paata is Mahesh Babh New Telugu Movie. Its Action comedy Telugu Films. Parasuram Directed this Movie. Currently This Movie are not Available in Hindi Language. 

Here is Sarkaru Vaari Paata Movie Story Line A bank manager is tasked by the government to bring a fraudster to justice.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata Hindi Dubbed movie Download filmyzilla 

Sarkaru Vaari Paata
Mahesh Babu, Keerthy Suresh
S. Thaman
60 cr
Release Date:
12 May 2022

For the fans of superstar Mahesh Babu, the government has brought the original Sisal Festival in the form of his song. The time has come for the fans desperate to see Mahesh Babu on screen for almost two and a half years. The government released his song film today (May 12). The toy has already fallen in many places. Reports have been received abroad. It remains to be seen how much this film has impressed the Telugu audience.

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The parents of Mahesh (Mahesh Babu) die due to failure to repay the loan taken in the bank. Mahesh, who lost his parents as a child, learns that the debt-free man is strong and the debt collectors are still strong. So Mahesh finally puts Mahi Finance Corporation in the US. Gives loans to all. charges interest.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed Download Mp4movies

Kalavati (Keerthy Suresh) cheats on such a woman and takes a loan. Mahesh comes to Vizag to recover the debts of Kalavati's father Rajendra Nath (Samudrakhani). In this sequence, Mahesh becomes jealous of the bank manager (Nadiya), whom he had seen in his childhood. What did Mahesh do when he came to Vizag? What is the story of a bank manager? What is the actual ten trillion matter? This is what you see on the screen.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata Full Movie in Hindi Download Filmymeet

Mahesh Babu has excelled in the role of Mahesh who lends and collects interest. Mahesh Babu shows his mark in every single scene like Mahi's character, attitude, acting style, romantic angle. Mahesh Babu had directed the entire film with Ek Hath. Mahesh Babu's comedy timing impresses everyone. Everyone will be shocked to see Keerthy Suresh in this film. Keerthy Suresh has never appeared in such a role. Keerthy Suresh not only looks beautiful in the role of Kalavati but also does amazing acting. Samudrakhani impresses in the role of Rajendra Nath as the villain. Tanikelbharani, Nadia, Venela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, Prabhas Srinu all looked fine. Nagbabu appears to be Mahesh Babu's father. Nagababu impresses in the scene that appears for a few minutes in the flashback.

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Though Sarkar feels that his song is a commercial story, it conveys a message at a deeper level. It pertains to all. The story revolves around banks, EMI, loans. Debt-free men may not seem normal. Behavior while taking loan .. should not be seen while settling. The director directed the film on issues like borrowing and repaying.

Director Parashuram seems to have written this story touching on the current situation of the country and some of the things that happened. The pride that banks have shown on farmers, common people, middle class.. indirectly added that it will not show on those who steal thousands of crores and flee abroad. If some people steal billions.. message has been sent through this film that banks and governments are collecting them from common people. The director wrote the words and the story to make everyone think that people will bite him if he survives.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata full hindi Dubbed movie Download 

However, adding entertainment to such a serious subject feels like a rock under the bush. But they are not wrong in terms of business calculations and fan equations. However, this story doesn't have the twists and turns that look like Aaho, the scenes that look like Aaho, or the story about him sitting on the edge of the seat. Everything continues as speculation as well. Mahesh Babu's comedy and romantic track with Keerthy Suresh in the first half worked well.

If you think that the story is a bit serious in the second half, then there will be disappointment. However, Keerthy Suresh's role in the second half does not matter much. The scenes between Mahesh Babu and Keerthy Suresh might not have engaged the audience that much. The audience will never understand how the climax will be. Mahesh's fans have blown the whistle for the action sequence.

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One should be afraid while taking a loan.. One should be proud while repaying.. The dialogue which Mahesh Babu tells the villain at the end, how that pride creates thoughts in everyone's mind at once. Mahesh Babu's words that debt is like a girl child and a responsible girl will turn into a father, is good. Taman songs, background music is impressive. Fans are very fond of the song of Maa Mahesha in the second half. The cinematography, editing and production values ​​are all excellent.

Lastly: Sarkar is his song.. It's Mahesh's game.. Now it has to be seen how the hunt for the record goes at the box office.

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