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Puzhu Malayalam Movie Download (2022) in 480p, 720p, 1080p

Puzhu Malayalam Movie Download (2022) in 480p, 720p, 1080p: Mammootty New Film is Puzhu.  Its Crime,  Thriller Movie. This Movie Directed by Ratheena. This is a Malayalam Movie. 

Here is Puzhu Movie Story line A gripping thriller with focus on the relationship between a father and son, and the underlying family dynamics and trust issues that follow.

Puzhu Malayalam Movie Download (2022) in 480p, 720p, 1080p

Movie: Puzhu

Director: Ratheena

Stars: Mammootty, Parvathy Thiruvothu

Genre: Crime , Thriller,  Drama 

Release Date: 13th May 2022

The name 'worm' is often used to refer to a creature as a symbol of hatred, loathing or hatred. 'Just a worm' is also compared to the disregard and contempt of that creature and its name. It may come as a surprise to the general audience that a superstar like Mammootty will play the role of the 'villain' in the film of that name. The performance of the protagonist living as a green man on screen with his clothes off will also leave the audience stunned.

The theme is the lifeblood of the film 'Worm'. The spirit of the film is the performance of Mammootty and Parvati who presented the subject in depth in front of the audience. Apart from the toxic parenting seen in the trailer and teaser, the film discusses another topic that is up-to-date and emotional. The story and the context of the story are familiar to present-day Kerala.

Worm is a film that can undoubtedly be considered a suitable film for an ode to the age of changed vision. The film manages to inform as well as entertain, with little or no commercial appeal. The beginning of the film and the journey ahead is in a very slow pace. The story is often told from the point of view of Mammootty's character. Despite being the hero of the film, he is the villain in the mind of the audience. However, there are some instances in the film where some of his bad deeds can be justified.

Puzhu Malayalam Movie Download in Hindi

Mammootty excelled the villainous hero. Through his mediocre performance, he played the role with a lot of features and character flaws. If you ask me if Mammootty hasn't done better films than this. But Iowa deserves praise for the courage it showed in choosing the story and the film. Actress Parvati Thiruvoth deserves the same applause.

Though there is not enough space to play this character, the decision of choosing that role has earned Parvati appreciation as an actress. It is clear that Puzhu Mammootty and Parvati chose not on the basis of their image but on the basis of the merits and characters of the film. His cousin Sasi's performance cannot be forgotten. At the end of the film, Kuttappan's character will remain in the audience's mind with his head held high, even if he is in pain.

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Congratulations to Rathina on her confidence to make her directorial debut with a politically correct film. Rathina and her team were able to offer an in-depth look at a topic that even veterans old and young are reluctant to talk about. The screenplay co-written by Harshad, Sharfu and Suhas forms the backbone of the film. They were able to say what needs to be said in the right place and understand what needs to be said without telling the audience the same way. Cinematography by Theni Ishwar, Music by Jacques Bijou and Editing by Dipu Joseph.

Puzhu Movie Download

Now it has to be seen how Keeda's politics and resolve will be achieved instead of Keeda's film. No matter how much progress is made, in the days to come, we will know what kind of buzz will Keeda create in the living conditions of the Malayalees who like to be imprisoned in the structure. Be that as it may, there is no doubt that the cast of 'Puzhu' was able to bring to the audience an issue that needs to be presented with justice in all aspects in present-day Kerala.

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