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Kallan (2022) Tamil Full Movie Download For Free

Kallan (2022) Tamil Full Movie Download For Free: Kallan is new Tamil Movie. This Movie Directed by Chandira. This is a Action film. Here is Kallan movie story Line Velu belongs to a family of hunters. But when the government bans hunting, he adopts an illegal route to make money. How will Velu's decision impact his life?

Kallan Tamil Movie Download

Stars:Karu Palaniappan, Soundararaja, Namo Narayana,
Release Date:18 March 2022

Velu (Karu Palaniappan), a member of the hunting family, is engaged in the business of making fake guns to live in an environment where hunting is banned. In order to stop that too, he commits some murders for his livelihood and instead of looting at the instigation of his associates. One crime leads to another, and the remand prisoner is imprisoned. He escapes from prison with the intention of protecting his girlfriend (Nikita) on the condition that he be given the death penalty. At the insistence of the allies, who helped him escape, Velu eventually agrees to a plan of a robbery. The plan sows twists and turns that no one expected. The rest of it is the story of what happened to Velu and his girlfriend Tamara.

Directed by journalist and writer Chandra Thankaraj, the film focuses on the crime scene rather than the crime scene. Basically, the film's first character, who follows the protagonist's life as a man who, without the thought of harming others, commits crimes under unavoidable circumstances, imprisoned for it, as a woman. Deserves to receive immaculate love, escapes from prison. Believes in himself, and has minimal virtue in subsequent crimes. Everything is positioned correctly so as not to scatter.

The glove-shaped relationship between the hero raised by the father and the heroine saved from the position of the father is portrayed poetically. Written to embody the mutual love, dignity and equality that must exist in a man-woman relationship, it reveals the director's mature gender and political vision.

embryo. Palaniappan and Nikita understand the nature of their character and act without exaggeration. Namo Narayan, Saundaraja, Karu. The newcomers who come as Palaniappan's associates are working flawlessly. Mayachandran's performance as Namonarayan's wife is amazing. Kay's background music reinforces the scenes. MS Prabhu, Kopi Jagadeesan's cinematography perfectly conveys the spirit of the film.

The hunting scenes that come in the beginning of the film do not make the proper impact. The story perhaps avoids saying things that are easily understood in the moves through the protagonist's voice overs.

Although there are some unexpected twists in the final stage, they also have to be overcome as usual. Due to such flaws this 'Chor' despite its many weight fails to completely rob the soul as an entertainment film.

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