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Julie Season 2 (2022) Part 1 Hindi Ullu Complete Full Movie Download

Hey Are you Looking Julie Season 2 (2022) Part 1 Hindi Ullu Complete Full Movie Download then you came to Right place. Julie is new Ullu Webseries. This Romantic Drama Webseries. 

Here is Story Line While investigating a series of heinous murders, Ins. Jayant Korade lands up in a hospital where all evidence lead up to this one nurse, Julie. What follows is a cat and mouse race between them, to take lives, and to save them. There can only be one winner to break the final ribbon. Guess who that will be?

Julie Season 2 Part 1 Ullu Webseries Download

Director:Ankur Kakatkar
Stars:Aman Verma (Jayant Korade),Nehal Vadoliya (Julie),Deepjyoti Das (Dr. Ramesh),Pratish Vora (Sub. Inspector)
Release Date:13th May 2022

Friends, today we have launched a new series called Julie Season 2 in the Owl app. The Ullu app lacks this kind of web series, but every web series published is a web series full of entertainment. However, in this web series, besides entertainment, you will see many things like murder, mystery, thriller, action.

Julie Season 2 Part 1 Ullu Webseries Hindi Download Filmyzilla

Friends, 3 episodes of this web series have been published, all three episodes are very good. You have to give 56 minutes for three episodes. You can watch this web series in Hindi and other Indian languages. Dubbing of other Indian languages ​​is also very good. You will not have any problem.

Friends, start this web series. In the last three-four months, 3 boys have gone missing. Where did he go? Has anyone kidnapped them? Nothing found so far. Police are investigating the matter and are looking for the whereabouts of the three boys.

Julie Season 2 Part 1 Ullu Webseries Hindi Download Filmywap

Before the police knew anything about the three boys, some information about the bodies of the three boys came into the hands of the police. Where it has been said, you will find the bodies of those three boys in the old ruins. When the police reached there, they refused and found the bodies of the three boys.

When the police conducted an autopsy on the three boys, they found out that some parts of their bodies had been mutilated. The police are also surprised and the doctors are also wondering who is doing such wrong.

Julie Season 2 Part 1 Ullu Webseries Hindi Download Mp4movies

When police find an accused, when police interrogate him, police find out that Jayanti arrives at a hospital in Korad where evidence of all the crimes goes to a nurse. Whose name is Julie.

Now when the police seriously investigates the matter, much more comes out to the police. Where the accused were caught by the police. He is accused and says a fourth man will now be abducted and killed. He will also be killed, mutilated or threatened by the police.

Julie Season 2 Part 1 Ullu Webseries Hindi Watch Online

Now what, you have to watch this web series. The story of this web series is very interesting. If you are looking for such a web series. Where you will find lots of crime thriller action romance. You can easily watch this web series.

To watch this web series you have to watch 3 episodes. Each episode, all three episodes are 55 minutes long. The story of this web series is very interesting. It will be fun to see you. If you want to see more like this then you can see many more web series like this in Ullu app. For this you need to take your monthly plan.

Disclaimer :- does not promote  any piracy through this website. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offence under the Copyright Act of 1957. This article is just to inform the public about this Movie. We further request you to refrain from participating in or encouraging piracy in any form.

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