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Jaghanya (Gaddar) Ullu Webseries Download Filmyzilla 480p 720p 1080p

Jaghanya (Gaddar) Ullu Webseries Download Filmyzilla 480p 720p 1080p: Jaghanya (Gaddar) is new Ullu Webseries. Its a Drama and Romance Type Webseries.  This Webseries Available on Ullu App. This Webseries Released on 10th May 2022. 

Here is Story Inspector Arun and his accomplice Vikram brutally kill a couple Uday and Usha are looking for the culprits. The only suspect in the case is the victim's own family. The investigation raises a question that was not well answered, "Is blood really thicker than water?" The answer will throw everyone into disbelief and confusion.

Jaghanya (Gaddar) Ullu Webseries Download Filmyzilla

Webseries:Jaghanya (Gaddar)
Director:Ankur Kakatkar
Stars: Adhvik Mahajan (Arun),Rajeev Bharadwaj (Vikram),Priya Mishra (Rupali),Keval Dasani (Kunal),Pallavi Sapra (Nisha),Raghav Vohra (Pawan)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release Date: 10th May 2022

Friends, this web series will be released on 10th May 2022 on Ullu App. Till now only one season of it will be released. You can watch this web series in Hindi and other Indian languages.

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Jaghanya (Gaddar) Ullu Webseries Download Filmywap

In the trailer of Gadar Jaganna web series, it was shown in the beginning that a person gets murdered. Police comes there to solve that murder.

Where the police comes to know that the person has been slit on the throat and shot in the chest. Then after that he died.

When the police reach there, the police find out. that the person who was murdered. His name is Uday. He works in the shop. He has his own shop. Uday Bhai is murdered when his neighbors come to see him in the morning.

Jaghanya (Gaddar) Ullu Webseries Download Mp4movies 

When the police is interrogating, it comes to know that a girl had come to Uday Bhai's house 1 day before that girl's name was Kusum. Who used to come to the shop many times to meet Uday. When there was no one at the shop, she used to come to the shop to meet for some time. Whatever work she used to do, she used to take it out of Uday with love.

When I interrogate the police, his daughter tells the police that my father was the right man. He had no enmity with anyone. He didn't have any fight with anyone. My father was a very simple person. When there was a quarrel with any person, he used to be very calm. Except for two or three people.

Jaghanya (Gaddar) Ullu Webseries Download Filmyhit

Uday's daughter tells the police that my father had a fight with Nisha and Pawan a few days back. Nisha and Pawan go that my father should sell the shop. Here Nisha threatens Uday that if you do not send it to the shop. If you do not give my share of property, then I will go to court.

Here Kunal and Nisha love each other very much. Both are having an affair with each other. All these things are known to some people. They want to take advantage of both of them regarding this matter.

Jaghanya (Gaddar) Ullu Webseries Download Filmy4wap 

Here the person who was admitted in the hospital. His health has become very bad so the police go there and look for CCTV cameras in the vicinity. They run their mission to get all the recordings and photos.

The way Uday was murdered, in the same way the policemen who came to solve Uday's murder, their story was also like Uday's murder. After this a lot of goons come and make two or three policemen and two or three people unconscious and put them in the car. After this there is an entry of Nisha who says that now everything is mine. Now everything will go according to me. With this, this story ends.

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Jaghanya (Gaddar) Ullu Webseries Download Telegram Link

Friends, the trailer is huge. This time inside the trailer is based on the mission of rolling a case. How did we get the murder of Uday Bhai? What is the connection of the policeman with Uday Bhai? Whatever happens next, whatever the web series is about all the things, will be released. Then by making an article in detail about it, we will tell you comfortably.

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