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Chawl House 2 (Charmsukh) Ullu Web Series Full Movie Download Free

Chawl House 2 (Charmsukh) Ullu Web Series Full Movie Download Free: Chawl House 2 is new Charmsukh Web Series on Ullu App. Its Drama Romance Webseries.  J B  Direct this Web Series.  

Here is Chawl House 2 Web Series Story Line Rohit was immersed in the memories of the moments he spent with Renu. He was waiting for the day when he would get a chance to be with her again, his wish was fulfilled when the queen of his dreams came to his village house. Now, the question is, if Rohit’s desire to get Renu will be fulfilled or strange fantasy will take an unexpected turn?

Chawl House 2 Download

Webseries: Chawl House 2

Director: J B

Cast: Sneha Paul (Renu),Shabaaz Badi (Bhanu),Nikhil Parmar (Rohit),Meena Sharma (Bhanu's Mother),Ravi Parmar (Bhanu's Father),Prabhakar Prasad Mishra (Rohit's Father),Chaitali Jadhav (Rohit's Mother)

Release Date: 25 February 2022

On February 25, 2022, a new story inside the foursome of the Owl series is being published as a web series called Rice House 2, the first part of this web series has also been published, we have come up with a review of this owl web series. Which we will give you complete information about this owl web series in hindi language.

Charmsukh Chawl House 2 Download

On 25th February, Ullu will be seen on OTT platform, this web series is very hot in which you will see many daring scenes, you will not be able to watch this web series sitting with your family, so let's talk friends now. Find out more about the cast of this Chawl House 2 Ullu web series in this web series.

Chawl House 2 Web Series Download

On February 20, 2022, the trailer for this web series was released on Ullu's official YouTube channel, which has been viewed by 1.6 million viewers as of the writing of this review, and about 32,000 viewers have liked the YouTube trailer of this web series. Let's talk about the story of the web series.

Chawl House Download

The story we told you about this web series or movie is told according to the trailer of this web series or movie, we first saw and understood the trailer very well, then we will explain to you what might happen on this web. Series and movies. If there is a change in the story after the release, it will be 19/20, but in the original story of the movie in this web series, you will see what we have said in the story. .

Chawl House 2 Free Download

Friends, now if we talk about the story of this Rice House 2 Owl web series, it contains a story based on the relationship between husband and his wife and husband's brother, where there is a relationship with brother-in-law. The story of this web series revolves around these three, when the husband's wife and the two of them happen to know everything that happens between the husband and wife.

Chawl House 2 Full Movie

The Rice House 2 of the Charmsukh series will be streaming on the Ullu app from February 25. The trailer of Rice House 2 has been released and it has got a lot of views. The tagline of Rice House 2 is - Yeh pair was incomplete but lust was complete, they both fixed their body distance together. The distorted form of the relationship is shown in the story of Rice House 2, Charmsukh series.

Chawl House 2

The story is about a man who comes to his house to meet his brother and sister. Seeing the brother-in-law, his intentions shifted. The brother-in-law is also attracted to her. Their reunion continues beyond all bounds.

Chawl House Web Series Download

One day the brother came and found out everything. He calls both his brother and his wife and says I know what's going on behind me. He told them to do something that surprised them. What will happen to this illicit relationship? You have to watch Rice House 2 of Charmsukh series in Ullu app.

Charmsukh Chawl House 2 Download Filmymeet

The series of Ullu app 'Charamsukh Chaul House 2' is under discussion nowadays. Actress Sneha Paul has acted in this series and has given an intimate scene that has made the fans sweat. This series is considered to be OTT's very hot and bold series.

Charmsukh Movie

Seeing Sneha Paul's style, the audience forgets Kavita Bhabi famous Kavita Radheshyam and Lolita Bhabi famous Ava Paul. Sneha Paul has both failed.


In the series, she is seen playing magic in her style after wearing a sari and in the meantime she has taken off her shirt in front of the camera to create excitement.

Snehapal is very active on social media and shares interesting pictures every day. Her Instagram account is full of hot photos.

Ullu Charmsukh

In this webseries, Sneha gives hot scenes and kissing scenes with Paul Coaster. The first season of Sneha Paul's webseries was also a huge hit.

The teaser video of the second season has also spread on social media. The story can be known only by watching the video in the Instagram app of Ullu app. The series was released on February 25 and has seen a lot in a few days.

Chawl House 2 Download

Sneha Paul is famous for her hot style. Not just now, he has been discussing his hot pictures for the last few years. He is also very hot in real life. Her Instagram is full of captivating pictures.

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