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Acharya Hindi Movie Download Filmyzilla 480p 720p 1080p

Acharya Hindi Movie Download Filmyzilla 480p 720p 1080p: Acharya is a Latest South Telugu Film. Ram Charan & Chiranjeevi work on together in this Film. Koratala Siva Direct this Movie. This is a Action Movie. 

Here is Acharya Movie Story Line Touted to be a socio-political actioner, the plot revolves around a middle-aged Naxalite-turned-social reformer who launches a fight against the Endowments Department over misappropriation of temple funds and donations.

Acharya Hindi Movie Download Filmyzilla 

Movie: Acharya

Director: Koratala Siva

Cast: Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Pooja Hegde, Sonu Sood, Jishu Sengupta, Nassar, Vennela Kishore, Ajay, Ravi Prakash, Satyadev Kancharana, 

Genre: Action, Drama

Megastar Chiranjeevi, who re-entered 'Qaidi No 150' five years ago and then entertained with a big film like 'Saira', has been away from the audience for more than three years. His starrer 'Acharya' Corona, directed by top director Koratala Siva, came too late due to other reasons and was finally out in front of the audience. Chiru-Kortala.. Chiru-Charan combination has raised the expectations on this film tremendously. And is there any film that lives up to those expectations..? let's watch.

Hundreds of years ago, an area called Dharmasthali, named after Goddess Ghattamma, was protected by the adivasis of nearby Padaghattam Gude. They participate in every function that takes place in the shrine. However, as the shrine became a large temple town, Basava (Sonu Sood) demanded income from it.

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does. He takes the shrine in his pocket. Acharya (Chiranjeevi) steps in, while his anarchists cross the border and everyone present is agitated. There comes like a carpenter and the steps are lined up with them. Basava hits the bar with every move. Later people came to know that Acharya has stepped there with a goal. And what is that goal.. whether he achieved it or not is the rest of the story.

In the movie 'Acharya', if the villainous gang is doing illegal mining... Chiru-Charan will step into the guise of a security guard. The villain pulls out a small knife and kills one of the gang to see if he is drunk at night. Chiru says Charan got hurt due to drug addiction. Meanwhile, Charan tells him that another miscreant has beaten him up. Chiru takes down the sword on his camel as he sees that another one is being fired at him. Similarly, Chiru-Charan kills everyone there, citing silly reasons and telling them to be comedy.

Generally though the scene should feel like a settlement mass. Height should be avoided. For the fans of Chiru-Charan.. Punakas must be introduced to the mass audience. But what if it seems completely 'non sync'..? What if there is some unintentional illusion between laughing and crying in that scene..? Till then one can understand how the mood of the audience is created. This example is enough to tell the condition of the film 'Acharya'.

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Most commercial films starring big heroes are stories that do not reflect society. We cannot see the circumstances seen in those stories but.. the people but outside. There is some sense in those stories that keeps the audience connected to them even though they are far from reality. If the audience in front could be emotionally attached at some point.. it would have been half done. After that, whatever stunts you do, it will be valid. But basically in 'Acharya'

What had to happen didn't happen. If the villains are creating chaos in a peaceful area, the hero will step in as a savior and do his job to save the area. This line is seen in innumerable films in Telugu. A similar story is found especially in most of the Boyapati films. The fight for 'Acharya' also follows the same line. If not, he chose a different world called Dharmasthali as the background. Also linked the hero with the background of Naxalism. But if the heaviness in both these subjects is missed.. Acharya's biggest weakness is the lack of innovation.

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The extravagantly styled 'Dharamsthali' at the cost of the coat brings heaviness to the screen but... doesn't look natural. If it is a mistake to think that the world is too artificial, then the chaos that happens there seems to be the ultimate routine. Usually in a story that begins like this, it is not clear whether the momentum will come with the introduction of the protagonist. Fights come one after the other.. There is no real chance of feelings until they go.

Without any twist in the story.. without showing a single new scene.. if the hero keeps on dividing the villain.. without the right reaction from the villain. What's the use of just fighting without giving Chiranjeevi that opportunity that doesn't turn into developing emotions? A film with the original Chiru means that any director sees how he can harness all kinds of energy. But the strikes did not make that effort. Chiru too surrendered before the fight and tried to appear subtle.

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If there is courage in the story.. if there is a subject in the character.. it is okay to do it in a subtle way. But when the story in general changed..even if a small trace was shown when the character was weak..the audience would get excited for all this. Its shortcoming is certainly boring.

Yeh Hai Kahani.. 'Acharya' is very disappointing in the first half as the small character is shallow. And on the ready character in the second half.. Chiru-Charan's combination will stand your ground. But it didn't take long to realize that even the default character was no different. His love affair with Nilambari was going so slow that it further weakened the film graph. As long as he was in Siddha Dharmasthala, not a single scene was noticeable. What happens when the villain next to the hero excites the audience to the point that he is holding back? Overall 'Acharya' in the audience.

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Anything that brings excitement especially for mega fans.. getting ready and meeting Naxal leader Chiru.. there was only one fight between the two. Here also nothing new in terms of story but.. few scenes coming in chiru-charan combination.. fights.. Bhale banjara song.. these bind the audience in a moderate way. The end given to the finished character.. After that the climax is all the routine in the show. Chiru-Charan pair impressed..

In the backdrop of Naxalism, all the scenes look old. There is nothing new in the present story. Chiranjeevi's character seems quite passive, so he too could not save the film. Charan, in whatever form he was, also became helpless to do anything, so the 'Acharya' lesson did not go up at all.

Acharya's role is undoubtedly the most shallow...boring character attraction in Chiru's career. Chiru, 66, is fed up with the way he looks in terms of looks, but .. his such a dull looking character will probably never be seen in his entire career. He is also highlighted in flop films. Chiru entertains the audience. But it was missed in this film. Even if he shows his grace till he dances... nothing more can be expected from Chiru.

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The Siddha character feels a bit remedial as compared to the character of Acharya who does Chiru. Even so, owning one is still out of reach for the average person. Stage performance is fine. He had a glow in the scenes that Charan did with his father. The role of Pooja Hegde was completely useless. The episode she appears in is arguably the most boring part of the film. Sepu Pooja looks as beautiful as she looks. Sonu Sood's villainous character is bad. We have seen many such characters. Sonu's acting is also mediocre. Jishnu Sen Gupta's character... is nothing new in acting.

He seems to have played the role that Jagapathibabu normally does. Tanikela Bharani did the best she could. Ajay is fine.

Manisha could not take advantage of this opportunity. Named the background score king, his output for Acharya is astonishing. His RR in the high altitude scenes could not have been more exciting. If the original scenes are dull.. where is the excitement among the audience as Manisharma's background music is also suitable for it? Manisha was looking fine till the song. Lahe lehe.. Even though Banjaras are good. But it still feels like there should be better songs lying around. Thiru for photography

There is nothing to bow down. Build prices are good. The expenditure for the shrine became more than necessary. But it didn't do much good. And director Koratala Shiva could not keep the trust that everyone had placed in him. The strength to always write to fight. This time it became his biggest weakness. He made a big mistake near the story. Following this, they went on making mistakes upon mistakes. Choosing a regular story with many limitations goes a long way in following it. He made the film shallow without getting out of the routine track.

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