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What is Spotify & How to use Spotify in 2022 ?


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Friends, today we will know what is Spotify? For details on how to use Spotify. Music audio streaming platform Spotify service has officially arrived in Bangladesh after putting an end to hundreds of speculations. (Spotify Premium)

You can download this Spotify free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and install it on your mobile. You can also use Spotify in any desktop app or browser (Spotify web) without a VPN.

So let's find out from below what is Spotify?, How to use? And all its features, including the premium plan.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is actually a popular music and podcast trimming platform around the world, which can be used to listen to any song from anywhere in the world. It's basically a very high quality service like Apple Music, YouTube Music and Desire Music.

So hopefully friends have easily understood what is Spotify? about this. In fact, Spotify is a very popular music app.

Is Spotify Free?

If you want, you can use the features of Spotify Completely for free. Anyone can use the app by signing up via email or Facebook. Simply put, you can use the benefits of the free Spotify app, you don't need any money for this.

However, you will hear ads when you use the app for free. This causes a slight decrease in audio quality. Also, some things have to be compromised. These problems have been addressed in the features of the Spotify Premium plan.

How to open spotify account?

First download and install Spotify app or access Spotify website from desktop.

Now if you enter the login option with email or Facebook, Spotify will create a new account.

Spotify Playlist

In fact, everyone knows that a Spotify playlist is basically a list of songs. There are millions of pre-made playlists. You can open Spotify and find tons of songs you like. (Spotify Artists)

Creating a Spotify playlist is very easy. Clicking on the Create Playlist option from the Your Library tab will create a new playlist. Now you can add songs to the playlist by clicking on Add Songs option.

When you want to remove a song from playlist option, enter playlist and use Remove from playlist option from song option, song will be removed from playlist.

How do I download music from Spotify?

You can easily download songs from Spotify. However, only those who are using the Spotify Premium plan can download songs from Spotify.

When you download your favorite songs, the songs will be saved in the phone's storage and you can listen to downloaded songs from Spotify app.

How many MB does it take to listen to music from Spotify?

There are 4 different koalas you can use to listen to music from Spotify. Usually Spotify streaming is basically Ogg vorbis format. However, you can select the desired audio streaming setting from the settings. As a result, it costs less MB to listen to music from Spotify.

▪ If you set the Audio Streaming setting to Normal then 50 MB of internet data will be consumed.

▪ If you want to stream music 24 hours a day in normal quality, you need to use 1GB data/internet.

▪ Streaming high quality 8 hours museum will cost 1 GB data/internet.

▪ On the other hand, if you keep video playback on music or podcasts, it will cost data/internet separately.

What are the benefits of Spotify Premium plan?

As I said earlier, Spotify can be used for free. However, you will get a lot of great features when you use a premium plan.

Examaple -

1. The Spotify Premium plan does not change. As a result, any song can be listened to as one wishes.

2. There will be no audio ads in the Spotify Premium plan.

3. You can download songs in Spotify Premium plan. Which you can listen to offline from the Spotify app.

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