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Paytm New Features: Paytm will be effective not only for payment but also for booking passenger train tickets and platform tickets.

You usually use Paytm for digital like UPI payment, online shopping and bill payment etc. More people will be aware of its features too, but did you know that now with this app you can use Automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) to recharge unreserved train passenger tickets, platform tickets, renew your season tickets and smart card. Very Paytm has partnered with IRCTC for all this work. Let's find out what the new feature is and how it will work.

What are the new features of Paytm?

This new feature of Paytm will work with ATVM in railway stations. This can be done via Paytm QR code. Users can choose Paytm UPI, Paytm Wallet, Paytm Postpaid, Net Banking, Credit Card and Debit Card options for payment.

What is ATVM?

Indian Railways has installed ATVM at railway stations for the convenience of the people. Through this, passengers can do many things digitally. Through this he recharged local train tickets, platform tickets and cards etc. Paytm has now extended this facility to mobile by entering into an agreement with IRCTC.

To use ATVM, follow these steps: -

▪ Go to your nearest railway station.

▪ Select the option of booking tickets on ATVM there.

▪ Then choose the option to recharge from Paytm.

▪ Now scan the QR code shown on ATVM for quick payment.

▪ After that you will be issued a Hardcopy ticket.

▪ You can recharge your smart card from here.

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