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New Version of Google Chrome : ‘Google Chrome Will Be Faster Than Safari'


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Till now Apple's Safari has been considered as the fastest internet browser. And then there was Google Chrome. However, that day may be changing.

Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome are the two biggest competitors in the Internet browser world.

Chrome's latest update, Chrome M-99, claims to be about 43 percent faster than previous versions. And Safari has lagged behind in this stormy pace.

This version of Chrome has also set a new record in terms of Apple's web speedometer and its speed responds and works faster than Mac Safari. This image of Chrome's improvements over the years is detailed in the Chrome Blog.

According to the blog, the new version of Chrome runs on Macs powered by Apple's M1 processor, which is up to seven percent faster than Apple's own browser, Safari.

Speedometer is used to test the speed and efficiency of various web apps. Chrome's blog post claimed that the 'Chrome M-99' set a new record by scoring 300 points by Apple's 'WebKit Team' standards.

The Verge said the performance difference between Safari and Chrome could be even greater on relatively weaker hardware.

Google has announced that the new version of Chrome will be tested on a 14-inch MacBook Pro with 64GB of RAM and a Core 10 M1 Max chip.

However, Verge staff tested a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a relatively low-capacity 16GB of RAM, with Chrome scoring 252 points per minute, while Safari scoring 175, and the average difference between the two browsers was 30 percent.

In that case, it is not impossible to get the number 300 asked by Google in the newly updated version on a computer with relatively low power.

Speed ​​is an important factor in web browsing in general, as no one wants to wait while browsing.

Chrome is an important name in the Internet world. But it is also notorious for putting a lot of strain on RAM and taking up a lot of space.

Many users use both Chrome and Safari and there is not much difference in browser speed. As a result, these criteria are not very important in choosing a browser. Notably, although there are many complaints against Chrome about battery life, it doesn't slow down computers, the Verge said in the analysis.

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