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What is Google Forms and How to Use ?


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Google Forms is a Google Free Product that lets you do a variety of things. For example, Document, Sheet, Slides and Form are just like the Basic Course of Computer. This means MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint. Many people work on the Internet, so Google has introduced this feature for all those users. Google Form is available in Web Application Format.

What can we do to help Google Forms?

There are many types of work that can be done with Google Form. Usually helpful for Google Form Survey or Quiz Format. You can also write documents, create sheets, and slide pictures.

How to use Google Forms?

1. First of all, open your Google and search by typing Google Forms.

2. Then you will get a site called Google Forms Sing in. Click that.

3. After clicking you will usually get a Blank Document.

You will find the above three options Questions, Responses and settings. Just below it will be written Untitled Form.

4. Below you will find several options, a Plus Button, Image, Video.

▪ If you click the Plus Button, you will get an option like Quiz Format, if you want you can create your Survey Quiz Form.

▪ Then Image Option help Image Add and Video.

● You should know some options of Settings -

For example, to make the form that you are creating in Quiz Format, you have to go to Setting and make this Quiz Option on. With Option On you will get more Options. You can do Customization as you like.

● Responses are usually used to collect Form Email.

● You can also customize the form by turning on the Presentation Option.

Hopefully with this article you can use Google Form.

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