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How to Deactivate or Delete Facebook Account in 2022 ?


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Facebook App is present in every smartphone. In this digital age, everyone uses Facebook. However, this 2021 Lockdown has resulted in a huge increase in Facebook usage. As a result, Facebook has had a detrimental effect on children's studies. So many people want to delete and deactivate Facebook. But not everyone knows how to delete and deactivate Facebook. You can delete or deactivate Facebook account by following the steps below if you want -

How to Deactivate or Delete Facebook Account?

1. First you open your Facebook Account on Mobile or Website.

3. Then click on Settings Option.

4. Then click on Option in Personal and account information.

5. Then you will see several options where Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Account ownership and control and next to the Edit option will be found.

▪ Click on Edit Option next to Account Ownership and Control.

6. Then you will get two options Memorialisation Settings, Deactivation and Deletion Options.

▪ You can click on Deactivation and Deletion Options.

7. Then you will get two options a Deactivate Account and Delete Account.

▪ If you want to deactivate your Facebook Account then select Deactivate Option, and if you want to Delete Account then select Delete Account Option and click on Continue Button.

8. Then you will want the password of your Facebook account, type the password and click the Continue Button.

9. Then you may want Reason why you want to Deactivate or Delete your Facebook Account. You can choose any one of the options and deactivate or delete the account.

10. Once the process is complete, your Facebook account will be deactivated or deleted after 30 days.

▪ If you want to re-open your Facebook account, then you can login by typing Facebook Email and Password.

▪However, keep in mind that you will not receive your account again after 30 days of Facebook Account Deletion Process.

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