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How to Add Your Shop on Google My Business in 2022 (Step By Step Guide) ?


Image Credit: Google My Business

Loss of your business or no customer coming to your store? Why is it happening? Thinking your time is going badly. Or Goddess Lakshmi is not doing you any favors. If you are mistaken, it may be that no one knows the place where yout shop. You may be waiting for a customer to open a store, or you may not have advertised your store. So maybe no customer is coming to your store.

Now the question is what should be done? Have you heard the name Google My Business? Many may have heard, but many have not.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a Google free serviceing sitr for business. This website through which you can submit your shop and show it on Google. Now people go to stores through internet.

Example- When a stranger goes to a place, does he know which is the best shop in that place? Then they do a Google search for "near best shop in Kolkata". Then Google shows good shops next to that person according to their location.

How to Add Your Shop on Google My Business?

1. First you open Google on your mobile and search for "Google My Business".

2. You will find a website like this, click on that website.

3. Then a page will open. There you will get an option called Manage Now. Click there.

4. Then you will get another page, where you will be asked for the name of your business or your shop, enter the name of your shop.

5. Click on the text "Create a business with this name".

6. The next page will have your Business name and will ask you what kind of your shop? So click on Next Button with what kind of your shop.

7. On the next page Google will ask you - Do you want Customer to visit your Location? You select the Yes Option and click on Next Button.

8. Then type the Full Address of your Shop Location on the page and click on Next Button.

9. On the next page a map will appear, zoom in exactly where your shop is, place the map point there and click on the Next Button.

10. If you want to get two options on the next page, you can do Yes or No, then click on Next Button.

11. On the next page will ask for your mobile number and Website, if there is no Website, click on "I don't have a website" button and click on Next Option.

12. Then yes if you want to get Google My Business Update, and if you do not want to get No Option Select Next.

13. Then click Next with the Gmail that will be associated with your business.

14. The next page will ask you on which days your shop is open, select the day and click Next.

15. Then click Next.

16. Then write something about your shop on the page and click Next.

17. Then upload some pictures of your store, then click Next Button.

18. Then click on Continue Button.

▪ Your Shop has been added to Google My Business, but the letter will come to your address for Verify. But Google My Business continues to be updated.

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